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Choose Your Custom Boxes Packaging

Salwa Packaging

At Salwa Packaging, we provide the best packaging solutions by offering multi-color digital and offset printing equipment with a wide range of all types of custom printed boxes. We also serve with custom designs and logos on the boxes of your choice according to the specific requirement of the products. Here you can get personalized packaging solutions and advertising packaging for your company.

Salwa Custom


Domain Boxes knows material is an integral part to make your custom boxes durable, premium, & recyclable and provides you various material options. Choose the one you require to create lipstick boxes in the way you want.



Cardboard Gives the box a smooth texture for desired printing outcome & easy foldability.

Best for: Lightweight & small goods

kraft paper


Kraft Makes the box recyclable and tear-resistant

Best for: Organic & Food items

rigid paper


Bestows the box with high end appearance & luxurious feel

Best for:Gifts & Jewelry

corrugated paper


Provides extra robustness and structural strength to boxes.

Best for: Heavyweight Merchandise

Name Finishing Assortment

Various finishing & coating options are available to make your custom boxes noteworthy.
Freely choose that best fits your desires.
Food Grade Coating

Food Grade Coating

Prevent boxes from moisture, sogginess, & biological contamination.

Embossing & Debossing

Embossing & Debossing

Give raised or pressed feel to particular design elements of printing.

Spot UV

Spot UV

Express subtle contrast on specific area of boxes. Suitable to highlight text.

Pearlescent Coating

Pearlescent Coating

Gives smoothness and shimmer to boxes with a spectrum of rainbow.

AQ coating

AQ coating

Prevent boxes from smudges, dirt, fingerprints & give wet look.

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

Provides a ritzy touch and pop-up specific area on boxes.



Perfect for giving boxes a textured surface & soft touch.



Great for giving a rich, slick, shiny, & vibrant look to boxes.

Salwa Packaging

Salwa packaging aims to serve its customers with customized high quality packaging boxes. We manufacture custom boxes that depict the features and qualities of the product. We are here to serve you for all kinds of packaging needs whether you need product boxes like, cosmetic boxes, food boxes, hair boxes, or bakery boxes. We have a wide range of niches and we make custom printed and high quality boxes in almost all shapes and sizes. We aim to achieve the goals of our clients is to serve them best boxes. Our team at Salwa packaging has onboard experience in how to make the best custom boxes and how to achieve an increased selling rate for the clients.

What type of packaging options are available at Salwa packaging?

Different boxes require a different type of packaging. The Salwa Packaging offers unique and different packaging styles to make custom boxes.

There are many styling options like reverse tuck style, top closure style, bottom closure style, folder and envelope style, variant lock end, double wall tuck top, rectangular boxes, roll end tuck top boxes, tray and sleeve, straight tuck end boxes, etc.

If you are not satisfied with the available printing designs of the product boxes, we have custom printed services. The finishing and advanced embossing further improves the look of the product, and they look more attractive. Customers prefer boxes with good printing styles that explain all the features of the product on the boxes so the customers don’t have to ask about the product quality and warranty.

There are different finishing options and 3D mock styles to give a luxurious look to the boxes. We have no die and cut charges for the product box, and we offer a free consultation to improve the presentation of the package boxes.

What Type Of Packaging Boxes We Design.


We at Salwa packaging manufacture custom boxes for the packaging of different products.

Custom boxes are used to make the products look more brandy and consumers and customers also prefer boxes with proper brand names and logos imprinted on the boxes. The custom logo design and custom printing of the custom box create an impression on the customers. It also acts as a brand ambassador and advertises your product in the market. The custom boxes likewise other package boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be customized according to the specific requirement. You can consult with our team to achieve the custom boxes of your choice.


Rigid boxes are comparatively thicker than the other packaging boxes. The rigid boxes are used for the packaging of delicate items that have the risk of breakage or getting damaged due to external conditions. The rigid boxes are used for promoting your products in the market and we offer customized rigid boxes. The rigid boxes have complementary artwork that increases the brand value and recognition of the products. The rigid boxes protect the delicate product from all kinds of external pressure, so this is the luxurious packaging for the products. We have printed rigid boxes and all these boxes are eco-friendly boxes. These boxes are commonly used if you need extra layer protection for sensitive skincare items and it makes your products look more presentable and gives an elegant look to the boxes.



Salwa packaging provides cosmetic boxes at affordable rates.  The cosmetic boxes are available in a variety of shapes. The printing of the cosmetic boxes also has various options, and you can select the custom printing design for the boxes. We at Salwa packaging make visually appealing boxes. We offer unique and customized solutions for all your problems.  These cosmetics boxes are used for packaging cosmetic products like foundation boxes, eyeliners boxes, lipstick boxes, compact powder boxes, and other products. The cosmetic boxes are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer the fastest turnaround time for the delivery of cosmetic boxes, and available at affordable rates.


CBD boxes are used for cannabis-containing products. It includes package boxes for CBD serums boxes, cookies boxes, oils boxes, cigarette boxes boxes, pre-roll boxes. The CBD packaging boxes needs a good packaging material and high-quality printing. The CBD boxes are the most used boxes by businesses. Salwa packaging offers the best CBD boxes for all your manufacturing and packaging needs. We are here to provide a solution to our clients as we prepare CBD boxes in all shapes and sizes, and we also offer free custom designing for the products.


Display boxes are usually placed at the front side of the counters so the consumers can see the product inside and thus the packaging of the display boxes speaks for itself. We at Salwa packaging prepare the display boxes with high quality prints and designs to impress the customers and consumers so they cannot resist. The display boxes are a successful way to depict and showcase your products in the market and it needs the minimum effort as the customers don’t have to open every single item. The advertisement with the display boxes is the most effective way to market products as the customers will see the items displayed at the counters and it increases the chances of sales.

We at Salwa packaging design custom display boxes in all shapes and designs and select the printing style and colour schemes that will potentiate the sales of the business.


We offer custom printing for retail boxes. All our boxes are custom-designed, and retail boxes are an effective way to market the product in the market. We offer retail boxes in a variety of shapes. Almost every type of product needs packaging and Salwa packaging offers retail boxes at wholesale rate. You can select the printing style of the retail boxes from a variety of designs, or you can seek help from our team to create the design of your choice for the retail boxes. We use high quality material for the packaging of retail boxes.


Food boxes are used for packaging food. It is sensitive packaging and any type of leakage in the product boxes can compromise the quality of the food. So, we at Salwa packaging select the material that has high durability and toughness and that can maintain and preserve the food items for a long time. The team at Salwa packaging has all kinds of food boxes, you can customize your own boxes and custom prints for the boxes. Moreover, we use eco-friendly materials for the packaging of food boxes. It ensures that the product inside has maximum protection from external conditions.


Kraft boxes are eco- friendly boxes and are used to protect the material from external conditions. The eco-friendly materials are non-harmful to the environment. If you are looking for affordable and stylish kraft boxes, then you are at the right place, choose us to design the kraft boxes. The kraft boxes are available in almost all sizes and you can also customize the dimensions for the products. You can also select the print of your own choice. The kraft boxes can be embellished more by designing them and our team of experts design these boxes to make them look more presentable. The kraft boxes are also available in different layouts and printing options. You can take these kraft boxes as they are trendier and more preferred by customers and create a positive image of the business in front of their customers.

Why should you choose Salwa packaging?

Here are some reasons why you should Salwa packaging for all your packaging needs, and how you can make a difference too in the market by trusting us for designing your custom boxes.

Custom boxes Manufactured to fulfil your brand needs:

Different brands and business companies have different needs. We at Salwa packaging ensure that we fulfil all the needs of the customers and businesses. We dig deeper and do extensive research about the products and their position in the market to understand what our customers and potential clients need from us. The extensive research into businesses and their products help us to plan a market strategy to design the custom boxes that sell increasingly in the market.

Custom packaging is the best way to advertise your product in the market.

We have a wide range of custom boxes in different shapes and different designs, and styles to meet your needs according to your specific requirement. Our team will ensure that the packaging suits well with the products.

Choose your custom printed boxes and packaging with us:

Printing of the custom boxes gives a modern and artistic look to the custom boxes. The print of the custom boxes gives a premium advantage and customers have more confidence in the product which increases the conversion rate of the business. Printing is beneficial as you can enlist all the product features on the boxes, and hence the visibility of your brand increases, and customers will start liking your product due to its impressive packaging. You can avail of all these benefits at the Salwa packaging. Our team digs inside to get the most out of the product and by increasing sales by creating the impression of instant buying of the products.  The printing of the custom boxes preserves the functionality of the product for a longer time and finely printed text on the custom boxes will increase the shelf life of the package box. The printing designs of the boxes can be selected from a wide range of printing options. Salwa packaging has printing designs in different styles and also has certain finishing designs and embossing and debossing methods.

We offer affordable packaging services:

The goal of Salwa packaging is to create ease for the customers by being heavy on quality and light on the budget. We design and select affordable material, that has low cost, low manufacturing costs, and high-quality package boxes that last longer. We are easily affordable and friendly on budget.

Free shipping at a wholesale rate

The Salwa packaging cares for the customers and offers not only affordable rates and high-quality custom boxes, but we also offer free shipping on big orders and wholesale rates. This strengthens our relationship with potential businesses and customers, and they rely on us for all kinds of needs from selecting the material to shipping the order to the right place. The team at Salwa packaging shows commendable efforts in packaging the package boxes. The companies can easily choose to do business with us as we can afford all the shipping charges and they don’t have to cancel the orders because of heavy shipping charges. Customers and businesses are more likely to select the order without shipping charges, hence it increases the conversion rates of the company and is a win-win for both. So, you can avail of the free packaging services for the custom boxes.

Custom Boxes with logo for branding:

Businesses and packaging companies should advertise their package boxes with logos. It’s the easiest way to market your brand and an engaging and attractive way to attract customers. Marketing with logos can create a big impression on customers and potential businesses. Most companies are shifting to custom logo design.  The Salwa packaging offers custom logo designing for the packing boxes and we have expert and top-notch designers who design logos for the packaging boxes. Logos are the way businesses communicate with their customers.

As logo design decides the success of the company, we make high quality custom boxes with recognizable designs that strengthen the position of the packaging company in the market.

With impressive designs and logos, the packaging can raise its place in the market. The designers of the Salwa packaging have years of experience to make a notable difference with compelling logo designs.

What Makes Us Different From Our Competitors:

We have various traits that differentiate us from our competitors. Salwa packaging offers customized services. Customers and businesses have full authority to choose and select the design of their choice. They can suggest changes in the shape of the boxes or the design of the boxes. We at Salwa packaging ensure the best quality at affordable rates and our customers love to book their orders with us impressed with the quality. We have no die and cut charges for the product boxes, don’t have additional graphic designing charges, and provide free consultations related to the products.

Moreover, we at Salwa packaging offer free shipping which further highlights it is a big plus for customers and businesses to choose us over our competitors.

Salwa packaging offers free logo designing services. As the logo acts as the brand ambassador, we make sure to make impressive logo designs that welcome more sales into the business and increase the final revenue of the business.

The most distinguishing feature is the design of the packaging boxes. All the custom boxes are designed by experts, and they give their sweat and blood to make the best quality boxes.

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